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Z7 Enzyme Cleanser

Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
Manufacturer: Flying Skull Plant Products
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Update: 1 Gallon Size comes 1 set to a case. Quart size and smaller are shrink wrapped together.

User Tips to Keep Plants Healthy and at First Sign of Unhealthy Plants:

Root zone problems show up as: slow growth, yellow leaf, dry leaf, leaf spot, leaf drop, leaf curl, tip burn, purple or red stem, Interveinal chlorosis, Interveinal necrosis, leaf and fruit deformation, low sugar Brix readings or low oil content in the finished product. These root zone problem need to be solved now! You will never get rid of the deficiency problems listed above unless you deal with your root zone first!

Indoor Growers:

  1. Flush the root zone with Z7 treated water. This includes all growing media for hydroponics, soil less and soil gardening. For every gallon of soil the pot will hold use the same amount of Z7 treated water. Let the flushed water drain to waste. From then on; for soil and soilless growers, when you water or fertilize allow at least 25 percent of the total liquid used to drain from the pot and go to waste.
  2. Do not allow plants to soak up water or nutrients from drip trays.
  3. Hydroponic and cloning machines at first use; flush growing media with Z7 and use Z7 all of the time from cloning to harvest. When hydroponic reservoirs or tanks are low, add water to the plant sites to make up water in the reservoir. Cover growing media to keep water from evaporating form the growing media. Completely rinse all media in ebb and flow tables and other hydroponic systems when introducing Z7.

Z7 replaces many products:

Z7 replaces H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), chlorine, chloramines, colloidal silver and other products designed to clean, sterilize or oxygenate the soil, growing medium or nutrient solution. Using sterilizing or sanitizing products in the water is a lost cause and will only generate a vicious cycle of treating the symptoms over and over again. Enzyme products are not needed when using Z7.

Enzyme users: Do a side by side test with Z7 added to your watering and fertilizer feeding program next to plants growing with enzymes added to your watering and fertilizer feeding program. Z7 will outperform enzyme products. See for yourself! Did you know that Enzyme products cost up to 30 times more money to use than Z7?

Enzyme products are so expensive most growers can't afford to use them. Z7 cost only 2.5 cents to treat a gallon of water. How can you beat that!

What not to do when using Z7:

When using Z7, discontinue the use of H2O2, chlorine, chloramines, colloidal silver and other products designed to clean, sanitize or sterilize the soil, growing medium or nutrient solution. These products disrupt the ability of Z7 to work its magic. Those products are the very worst for growing plants. By pure definition the word sterilize or sanitize means “will not support life”. Now honestly, would you really pour some “will not support life” into your plants soil or hydro system? We think not. Killing pathogens like Pythium with chemicals and Silver doesn’t work! Z7 is not an insecticide, fungicide or sterilizing agent but a tool to protect the roots by forming a barrier to lock pathogens out and allow roots to thrive.

Enzyme products are not needed when using Z7.

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Chlorine, Chloramines and Colloidal Silver to clean plastic and other materials between grows but never while the plants are growing. Discontinue the use of enzyme products when using Z7.

Side By Side Tests:

Side by side tests when the plants have just been transplanted from seedling or clone is the very best time to test Z7. This is the time when the plant is evaluating how big to make its vascular system. The better the initial osmotic transfer in the young plant the bigger the plants vascular system will be. A few weeks of using Z7 will tell the tale and make believers of the most skeptical grower. Use Z7 with all water usage except for field growers who use Z7 at first planting and whenever possible after that. Z7 will help the plant to repair rot damaged roots within 72 hours.

More Info:

Z7 is super concentrated and extremely economical for indoor-outdoor hobby and commercial growers utilizing Soil or Hydroponic growing systems; Z7 costs only 2.5 cents per gallon of nutrient treated. The one gallon set treats 7,570 gallons of nutrient. Set sizes available: 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon. Z7 uses no oils, detergents, soaps, surfactants, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or any harmful chemicals.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 1 teaspoon of each part per 10 gallons of water
  • ½ ml of each part per gallon of water

Z7 is not a plant food; it simply allows plant foods to work better - see the real performance of your plants nutrients and additives by allowing Mother Nature to protect you – unreal root growth and health! Z7 increases the chances that the plant will grow to its genetic potential. Is to be used in every watering or feeding, field growers apply at first planting and whenever possible.