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Rainbow Mix Grow

Rainbow Mix Grow
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Manufacturer: Earth Juice
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A fined-tuned blend of select natural-organic nutrients with 8 strains of beneficial Mycorrhizae and Humic Acid, all specifically formulated for vigorous vegetative growth during all phases of plant development. A complete formula with macro and micro nutrients.

Promotes vigorous vegetative growth for all nitrogen loving plants with quick to slow release availability.

Derived from bat guano, sea kelp, feather meal, soft rock phosphate, langbeinite, cottonseed meal, montmorillonite, steamed bone meal, natural potash, and a variety of beneficial mycorrhizae fo the healthiest growth possible. This formulation doubles as both an excellent grow and a general purpose fertilizer that will sustain lush growth and abundant flowering for all indoor and outdoor leafing, flowering, and fruiting plants.

Can be mixed into soil prior to planting , or used as a side dressing.

Work into soil prior to planting or apply to the soil around plants. Use 4-8 lbs per 100 sq ft. For container plants, use 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil.

Naturally time-released, you need only apply 1 or 2 times a season. For more aggressive growth, reapply every 4 weeks. A single application will feed most plants for 12-16 weeks.

This is a fine-tuned organic formulation that is easy to use and forgiving. Very popular!