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Potash Plus - 34 fl oz

Potash Plus - 34 fl oz
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Manufacturer: Dutch Master
MSRP: $17.95
Price: $14.36

Potash Plus was the first potash based flowering booster specifically designed for hydroponic use. Potash Plus is the industry leader & benchmark for this popular type of additive & is Australia’s No. 1 Potash based flowering additive. Potash Plus is the only Ionically balanced Potash product on the market, as are all Dutch Master nutrient products.

Ionically balancing the formula ensures that all of the elements contained within are maximally available to the plant. This is particularly true for those who use Dutch Master hydroponic nutrients which are also ionically balanced thus ensuring maximum compatibility. As part of this unique Ion balancing process, Potash Plus has added synergistic elements that help retain this balance as well as ensuring the plants can extract maximal benefits from the increased phosphorous & potassium levels.

Potash Plus is designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of a plant undergoing profuse flowering. When plants enter the flowering stage their demands for rapidly available phosphorus rise dramatically due to the large amount of floral clusters being produced. If you could see a flowering plant through an infrared camera it would be absolutely glowing due to the tremendous amounts of energy being produced. This energy which we can see as heat is provided for primarily by phosphorous. Using Potash Plus supplies this extra phosphorous in it’s most available form which increases the size, profusion & density of flowers & helps maintain close internodal spacing which is vital for an increased yield.

So if you’re after a proven Potash based product then you need look no further than Australia’s No1 potash product, Potash Plus. It didn’t get to be No1 by accident!