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On Schedule

On Schedule
Manufacturer: Flying Skull Plant Products
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Flying Skull introduces On Schedule to the market place. Its part in the Flying Skull line is to help the grower master the timing of harvests so they are On Schedule. Just like the baker’s doughnuts; product must come out of the oven on time, tasting, chewing and smelling the same as they did yesterday. An interruption of the timely offering of product could force his patrons to find a consistent source of good tasting doughnuts somewhere else and never come back!

On Schedule is simply sprayed onto the plants during the last 10 day period before turning lighting systems to 12  On 12 OFF. It will be a few days after the lights have gone to 12 ON 12 OFF that you will notice enhanced bud set. It will always be the same length of time, from the time your lighting was turned to 12/12 that you will see the plants setting bud.

It’s good knowing your ON Schedule.