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GoGnats - 16 fl oz

GoGnats - 16 fl oz
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MSRP: $26.41
Price: $21.13

goGNATS is a safe, non-toxic & effective insect control & repellent specially formulated for the control of Gnats & other nuisance insects. Can be used for both indoor & outdoor applications without the dangers associated with toxic, kill-alls. Controls soil & fungus gnats, midges, black flies, mites, whitefly, ants, mosquitoes & a host of other insect pests.

Applications; The prill may be applied around perimeters & at base of plants. The liquid may applied as an area barrier spray, foliage spray or added to hydroponics solution tanks. Highly concentrated. General use rate is 0.5 -1 oz per gallon of water. For hydroponic solutions, 1-2 oz per 30 gallons of water. Minimum risk pesticide exempt from federal registration.