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Clone Guard

Clone Guard
Manufacturer: Flying Skull Plant Products
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If pests don't have access to the clone they can't damage it!

Flying Skull’s Clone Guard does two very important things to insure successful cloning. #1: When applied to leaves and stems, it creates a proactive shield to lock out invading pests like Spider Mites, Aphids, White Fly, Powdery Mildew, Mold and Black Spot from access to the clone. If pests don't have access to the clone they can't damage it! #2: Clone Guard’s proactive shield locks in water, preventing the leaves from wilting while the roots are forming. All gardeners requiring a consistent and successful cloning program must have this product!

Not for Resale in Portland Oregon Metro Area.

Clone Guard works in the same way your home window screens separate you from invading insects and pests while allowing air to go in and out. Once applied to the clone’s leaves and stem, Clone Guard dries to form a thin biodegradable proactive film. This high tech film helps to keep clones safe by locking out invading insects, mildew and mold while locking in precious water molecules inside leaf and stem cells. Water retention in the clone’s leaves and stem is critical to the forming of roots.

Directions for Use: Shake bottle well before diluting to preferred strength. Mix with water. Prepare as a spray or dip. Take cuttings, dip cutting in rooting gels or compounds and apply Clone Guard. Store at room temperature. After mixing with water, Clone Guard is good for 5 days. Store concentrate at room temperature. Keep from freezing. May be applied in full Sun.

Clone Guard may used on leaf and stem at any stage of plant growth.

Mixing: Standard strength dilution ratio: 1 part Clone Guard to 7 parts water. Aggressive strength dilution ratio: 1 part Clone Guard to 4 parts water.

Non Plant Food Ingredient

Active Ingredients: Vinyl-Acrylic Polymers

Clone Guard Label