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125w 6400K Compact Fluorescent Bulb

125w 6400K Compact Fluorescent Bulb
MSRP: $39.95
Price: $31.96

Great for burning next to your HPS lamp to give more blue light(badly needed in all HPS bulbs). It will really put the zing back into your bloom experience. Or, burn one or more by themselves. Low heat makes it a perfect choice for high temp areas. Vegetation grade bulb.

Screws into common mogul base sockets. Puts out about the same light as a 175-250 watt metal halide 6400 degree kelvin temperature color output. Great for vegetative growth.

The ballast must be disconnected and and wired 120 volts to the bulb. You can not just screw this bulb in to your existing ballast powered reflector. You will blow up the lamp. HPS / MH bulbs take higher than 120 volts to fire.