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Thank you for your interest in a wholesale account with us.

We require businesses to be registered and active with their State licensing or registration department. Each State in the USA has a Department of Commerce website. We check these websites to make sure you are not only REGISTERED or LISTED by your State licensing or registration division but you are also ACTIVE and CURRENT. Being active and current generally means that you have remembered to pay your renewal fee.

A completed Dealer Application, and verification that the business is active and registered in its state, is enough to buy wholesale products from us. Please allow two business days for your account to activate. You will receive an email with a temporary password upon account activation.

Rose City Wholesale requires all Credit Card purchases to have the shipping address registered with their credit card company if the shipping address is not the same as the billing address. There are no exceptions. To do this, simply call your credit card company and ask to have your shipping address added to your file so we can ship to either your billing address or your shipping address. The credit card company will now be able to verify that your shipment is going to you when the card is being charged. If your shipping address is not registered with the credit card company, your shipment will be delayed until you register it. Orders using checks are held until funds are verified. Drop shipments will be granted on an individual basis.

The wholesale pricing is for your eyes only. You must not distribute or post these prices to the public or other companies. You must not sell or distribute your username or password to anyone. Those individuals that post these prices, usernames or passwords will be considered doing so with malicious intent and will be dealt with accordingly. Our servers can observe hits coming from all locations throughout World Wide Web and determine if more than two computers are using your username and password. If multiple user logins occur at the same time your web access will be terminated immediately.

All information herein is under the copyright of Rose City Wholesale and may not be used without express written consent by Rose City Wholesale. Rose City Wholesale is not responsible for errors in pricing or typographical errors.

Account Application

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Shipping Information
Business Information
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Personnel Information

The primary buyer is the owner or president of the company. Only the primary buyer and the 3 additional buyers listed here will be allowed to purchase on this account.

Credit References
Trade Reference #1
Trade Reference #2
Trade Reference #3
Banking Information
Payment Information

First order is prepaid by company check or credit card. (Some exceptions may apply.) Terms will be issued based on the strength of credit history and business relationship with Flying Skull Plant Products.

Companies with past due invoices will have their order(s) placed on hold until the full payment has been received. Companies with a history of late payments will have their credit terms revoked.

All invoices are to be paid within the 30 day period after the invoice date. Invoices paid by credit card will incur a 3% fee.

Authorization Statement

I, the owner, president or authorized officer, agree to the conditions found within this Personal Guarantee and do hereby personally guarantee the payment of all amounts now due and owing. I agree to compensate Flying Skull Plant Products for any costs, charges, fees or legal expenses incurred from recovering unpaid debt.

By submitting this application, I authorize Flying Skull Plant Products or it's agent to make inquiries into the business/trade references that I have supplied. I further acknowledge that credit terms, if given, may be withdrawn at any time.

By typing my name below I am electronically signing this application as the owner, president or authorized representative of the company listed above.