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Product ID: BigBlueOzone
Big Blue Ozone Unit

Heavy duty ozonators, feature a highly polished stainless steel housing(amplifying ozone output) and multiple UV-C germicidal lamps, each is individually controlled for unrestricted removal of heat associated with multiple high wattage grow lights, allowing fully adjustable ozone output. This redundant fail-safe feature means you are never without odor control. Great for larger spaces and faster results in smaller spaces. These ozonators are not affected by high humidity levels and fit conveniently into your duct system with hanging eyelet supports and prepunctured mounting holes.

The 4" Big Blue stainless steel housing measures 20" long x 4" in diameter. It contains a single UV-C germicidal bulb which produces over 750mg/hr of ozone. It is energy efficient using less wattage than a 40 watt bulb. This unit can use up to a 465 cfm fan.

The 6" Big Blue has 2 ozone bulbs. It will handle up to and beyond 600 cfm.

The 8" Big Blue has 3 bulbs. Adjustable ozone output; each bulb is individually controlled. This redundant fail-safe feature means you are never without odor control. This unit measures 20" long x 8" in diameter. Recommended fan size of up to 800 cfm. The 8" Big Blue produces up to 2250 mg/hr.

The 10" Big Blue inch contains 4 bulbs with up to 5 different control settings. Can decontaminate up to 1500 sq. ft.. 20" long x 10" in diameter.

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Product ID: MI394
Big Blue Lamp
MSRP: $54.95
Price: $43.96
Product ID: BugScreen
Bug Screen
  • Active carbon inserts proven to catch all bugs, mold and mildew.
  • Minimal air flow restriction.
  • Easily slips on and off inline fans.
  • Mildew and UV resistant.
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Product ID: PhreshFilter
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Phresh Filter

The Phresh Filter line is an industry classic filter with a whole new name. The Phresh Filter have many unique features including:

  • Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of competitive filters.
  • 46mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon bed.
  • Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
  • Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow.
  • Sealed, bagged, boxed and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.
  • 51% open air custom mesh.
  • Unique “Anti Air Bypass” System.
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.
  • Flange & prefilter included.
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Product ID: PhreshPreFilter
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Phresh Pre-Filter

Extend your filter life: To get the optimum product life from your Phresh Filter, it should be used with the provided pre-filter sock. This pre-filter sock catches the large dust particulates and foreign materials which if allowed to come in contact with the carbon will ultimately clog the outer surface of the carbon before total internal saturation has been achieved. When this happens it unnecessarily shortens the product life of the filter. It is recommended that the pre-filter be machine-washed or replaced every six months. Extremely dusty environments may require a more regular cleaning program. Ideally, maximum air temperatures should be kept below 95 F (35 C). Relative humidity should be kept below 75% at all times. Remember, carbon will absorb moisture and will take up "space" in the carbon particulate, reducing its life span.

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Product ID: TimeMistAerosol
Time Mist Aerosols

Cover up those unwanted smells or accidents.

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Product ID: MI482
Time Mist Dispenser

Triggers Time Mist Aerosols every 30 minutes. Battery operated.

MSRP: $32.95
Price: $26.36
Product ID: MI4821
Time Mist Dispenser with Indicator Lights

Triggers Time Mist Aerosols every 30 minutes. Lights tell you when your aerosol can is low. Battery operated.

MSRP: $42.95
Price: $34.36
Product ID: OnaLiquid
Ona Liquid - 1 Quart

ONA Liquid is a versatile product and can be used in many different applications.

ONA Liquid can be added to commercial misting systems, humidifiers or simply sprayed freely into the air to neutralize airborne odors on contact. ONA Liquid is water based and can easily be diluted for safe and effective washing of odor saturated garments.

ONA Liquid can also be added to exhausted ONA Gel to reconstitute the gel. If this is done, we advise you to agitate the solution occasionally, as the ONA Liquid has a different formulation from the ONA Gel and may develop a film on the top. This film will prevent the optimal release of the active ONA ingredients.

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Product ID: OnaGel
Ona Gel - 1 Quart

The ONA Gel is our most popular product. We spent many years developing a blend of ONA Liquid and various suspension elements to result in a product that has excellent dispersion qualities. The ONA odor neutralizing agents are released in a controlled manner so that every drop of this excellent product is fully optimized.

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